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I learned to say thank you

Why it's important to do gratitude exercises

Cristina Mura

15th February 2021

The path each of us takes, what we commonly call life, is a constant alternation of ups and downs. There are times when we run and times when we do not have the strength to take a single step forward. In time, however, it seems that everything settles down and we become almost spectators of our own lives. To whom should we be grateful?


For some time now, some posts on social media have caught my attention. The key word was 'gratitude' and there is even a world day dedicated to it, which falls on 21 September. Better known as World Gratitude Day, World Gratitude Day invites us human beings to be grateful for all that life has given us and continues to give us.

The term 'gratitude' comes from the Latin 'gratus', 'grateful, thankful'. Its meaning relates to the feeling and disposition that involves affection towards those who have done us good. Gratitude involves remembering the benefit received and wishing to be able to return it. It is therefore synonymous with gratitude, but can also indicate a more intimate and cordial feeling such as having, feeling, nurturing gratitude.

To whom should we be grateful?

This reflection of mine actually came about following a few episodes in which I heard myself saying 'thank you'. This word, which is often used without weighing its meaning, almost with disinterest, has such a richness within it that it can disarm even the biggest stone-hearted person in the world.

So I asked myself why I was thanking him, because I had not given anything material to be thanked for. On reflection, however, I realised that I had given a part of myself, of my time, of my days.

Or simply that I had listened to the other person's thoughts, whether they were good or bad.

I realised that that word has so much to teach us about the value of the time we can give to others, of the listening we offer, of the gift of a small part of ourselves that we give to others.


All this does not always take the form of an exchange with the outside world. First of all, we have to learn to live with ourselves. We have to learn to listen to what is going on within us (see the article "Let's listen" by the same author).

"Loving ourselves first is important in order to be able to give a part of ourselves to others."

We should constantly take stock of how many times a day we do good in a natural and unforced way.
Doing good deeds often means just smiling, setting a good example or uttering positive words.

All these are examples of gratitude... for free!

Gratitude exercises

Let's understand together what would lead us astray in the first place. Certainly selfishness, followed by malice and physical or psychological bullying. All these forms of expression are banned: they must be erased.

It is important to detoxify bad actions, those that cause harm of any kind. Just as it is important not to have remorse and to act on the good side of one's instincts, the considered and controlled one. I would also add that it is essential to remove those people who get in the way of our personal and altruistic growth.

"Be gentle, be kind, be delicate."
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